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Embodied Creativity

Yoga & Creative Sorcery
with Virginie Noel and Katie Low

Saturday November 5th 2016, 2-6pm
Yogasara, 10-12 Picton St,  Bristol BS6 5QA

Get in touch with your innate creativity. Unlock your inner creative muse and bring her out to play.

This workshop is a safe space to explore your creativity through a combination of Yoga and Art practice.

Supported by an inspiring yoga practice, find the freedom to express yourself. Mindful movement can provide valuable support in re-kindling creativity and a sense of flow and ease. 


Explore various art practices, playing with different materials and techniques. The workshop will encourage a playful expression of creativity, free from expectations, giving you the space to discover and/or recover your artist self. Through play, practice and exploration, we will foster an embodied experience of your creative nature - because we are all creative beings!

Price £35 - bring a friend and both pay only £30

Spaces are limited - booking is essential!


For more info & bookings contact 07550331171 |

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