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Moontime Magic

Step into your feminine wisdom

A workshop for Women - with Natalie McGrorty

Saturday November 11th 2017
at Yogasara, 10-12 Picton St, BS6 5QA

In a society that rarely honours the deep wisdom of the feminine cycle, it is common to feel disconnected from our cycles and to view them in a negative light; as an inconvenience, a burden or even a ‘curse'.


However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In other parts of the world, the wisdom of a woman’s moontime is recognised as sacred, and her intuitive abilities around this time are honoured and valued. We too can choose to honour this for ourselves and to tap into this inner source of wisdom and guidance.


In this workshop, we will work together to reclaim the sacredness of your menstrual cycle, and tap into its wisdom to enhance all areas of your life.


Discover the inner workings of your womb and ovaries and understand the shifts and changes that unfold, through the 4 phases of your moon cycle.


Learn to decipher the messages from your body, guiding you to greater ease during your moontime.


Experience the benefits of a nourishing and healing yoga practice, designed to support hormonal balance and vibrant health, and cultivate a deep honouring of your womanhood.


Learn abdominal self-massage, rooted in the Mayan culture, and support optimal health and wellbeing.


“Our menarche, our first bleed, is when our song, our life purpose, our truth is awakened in us. With each cycle we sing louder, speak more truthfully and nurture that bud as we respond to, and work with the lessons it provides, allowing us to open and grow in the awesomeness of who we are.” 

Lisa Lister - The Sassy She


Cost: £35 / Early bird until October 28th: £30

Spaces are limited - please get in touch to book

For more information on women's health expert, massage therapist and doula Natalie McGrorty and her work please visit


Workshop information and booking: | 07550 331171


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