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Yoga At Work


Improve Wellbeing - Boost Productivity



We would encourage all offices who have space to bring in the joy of yoga and Virginie!  We have a regular Monday session and it really sets us up for the week ahead, it clears our minds and helps alleviate both the mental and physical constraints of desk life!!  We all look forward to seeing Virginie, her style is relaxed, fun, supportive as well as holistic.  She reads the room well and adapts her style accordingly, capturing both the science as well as the spirit of yoga in her delivery. 

Nic, SafeLives



How can Yoga at Work benefit you & your colleagues?


Time spent in yoga practice is time well invested:     

  • Yoga can help reduce stress and tension, as well as improve posture, focus and concentration, and boost energy levels.     

  • Overall, it can help improve your productivity and efficiency, thus helping you to achieve more with less stress.     

  • Yoga can help alleviate office-related ailments such as neck and back pain, RSI and headaches.    

  • My classes are dynamic and fun - you will return to your desk refreshed and energized, with a clear mind and a happy body.


I offer yoga classes in your office, at a time convenient for you. Classes can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long.

All you need is some space (such as a meeting room) to bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace.

Sessions start from £50 per hour.


Contact Virginie on or 07550 331171 for more information or to book.

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